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So here’s the story with this set of commissions…

About 3 weeks ago, a guy contacted me asking if I could do a set of 4 commissions that he was planning to put into a sort of “book” to propose to his girlfriend. I was going to turn him down since I already had commissions on my plate on top of work when he told me that his GF worked at Konami.

What a coincidence. So do I… but Konami is a big company with many branches and locations. But as it turns out she happened to be a coworker in the same office that I worked and so I couldn’t very well turn it down with a proposal on the line. So I said yes. When’s the deadline? A week from then… so he could propose on Valentine’s Day.

It was a very tight deadline, I ran home from work everyday and didn’t sleep for a week in order to get it done on time, but luckily I managed to succeed *sobs*

There are stories attached to each of these “screencaps” of course, but I’m not sure if they’re OK to tell, even if he said it was OK for me to post.

P.S. She said “yes”